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Sogang University

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Lecture (2016, 2nd semester)



        Solution set  -

          Chapter 12-14.5

          Chapter 14.6-14.8

          Chapter 15-16.3

          Chapter 15-16.9.



Modern Geometry





 Research Interests

Differential Geometry



Recent Publications

Melting of Euclidean metrics in three dimension,  Bulletin of Korean Math. Society  2012

Melting of Euclidean metrics, Bulletin of Korean Math. Society  2013

Almost Kähler metrics of negative scalar curvature on symplectic manifolds"

 Mathematische Zeitschrift 2009 262

A closed 4-d symplectic manifold has almost Kaehler metrics with negative scalar curvature"

Annals of Global Analysis and Geometry, 2008, 33/2