ICMS 2014 Session: Software, Algorithm, and Application of Coding Theory

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Aim and Scope

This session is for facilitating the communication among the researchers and the developers and the users of Magma, Sage, Gap, Matlab, Maple in the computational aspects of Coding Theory. There will be at least one overview lecture that surveys the status of the application of mathematical software in the study of coding theory. We welcome coding problems focusing on algorithmic and computational issues as well as the implementation of software products.

Topics (including, but not limited to)
Software design for, or new algorithmic developments with implementations (stand-alone or as part of larger packages), applications and uses for:


Submission Guidelines

Talks/Abstracts (* denotes a speaker)

1.    Suat Karadeniz and Refia Aksoy* (both from Fatih University, Turkey)

Title: Lifts of Self-Dual Codes


2.    Aysegul Bayram*, Elif Segah Oztas and Irfan Siap (all from Yildiz Technical University, Turkey)

Title: Codes over a non chain ring with some applications


3.     Sunghyu Han* (Korea University of Technology and Education, Korea)

Title:  On the Weight Enumerators of the Projections of the 2-adic Golay Code of Length 24 to Z_{2^e}$


4.    Jon-Lark Kim* (Sogang University, Korea)

Title:  Computer based reconstruction of binary extremal self-dual codes of length 32


5.    Kwankyu Lee* (Chosun University, Korea)

Title: Magma Implementation of Decoding Algorithms for General Algebraic Geometry Codes


6.    Zeynep Odemis Ozger*(Izmir Katip Celebi University, Turkey) and Bahattin Yildiz (Fatih University, Turkey)

Title: Formally Self-Dual Codes over a Ring of Characteristic 2 and Their Binary Images


7.    Elif Segah Oztas*, Irfan Siap (both from Yildiz Technical University, Turkey) and Bahattin Yildiz (Fatih University, Turkey)

Title: Reversible codes and applications to DNA